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Don’t Stand for Harassment.

In the workplace, everyone’s idea of where “the line” is tends to be different, but that doesn’t mean that if someone steps over it, that you should be forced to endure it. In many cases that conduct can escalate into something truly horrible, especially if it comes from a place of power. And if anyone makes you feel that you have to suffer through obscene behavior or requests, they should be punished for that. Especially when they hold your career for ransom.

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Navigating a Case.

Something that often keeps people from pursuing a sexual harassment case, especially against a high profile offender, is the feeling that it could hurt a career they care deeply about. We understand. Our job isn’t just to get you the justice that you deserve, it’s to do it with a mind to your professional stature. We make sure that your personal goals are not put in jeopardy because you wanted to fight for your rights.

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