Lawsuits for Nursing Home Abuse.

How This Happens.

While physical attacks are not common in nursing homes, they do occur, and nursing homes have a duty to protect their patients from harm. Nursing home patients may be physically or sexually assaulted by other patients, staff may physically or sexually assault a patient, or nursing home staff may allow a patient to struggle unnecessarily because the staff member is impatient and irritable.

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Why it Happens.

Inadequate staffing is the main reason that nursing home residents suffer abuse. Most nursing homes rely on nurses’ aides for the majority of resident care. Too often, nurses’ aides are inexperienced, poorly trained and overworked. When a workforce like this is responsible for a vulnerable population, abuse is more likely to occur. Patients with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease are at a greater risk because of their cognitive and mental impairments.

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