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Ridesharing is New, Accidents are Not.

Uber and Lyft have become a mainstay in people’s everyday lives. Drivers are trusted to get us where we’re going, but it pays to remember that they’re not the same professional livery drivers of the past. In the event of an accident, you now have to deal with a huge corporation that doesn’t want people hearing about that accident, as well as their insurance provider. Having the right attorney on your side is a big deal.

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Who Ends up Being Responsible?

At, we think about things like liability, negligence, and culpability in every situation. It’s hard for us not to. From the earliest days of ridesharing, it was obvious that this was a problem people would inevitably need help with, and we have put together a winning formula for these cases. We’re ready to put this knowledge to good work for you. Our consultations for accident cases are 100% free.

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