Due Justice for Motorcycle Accident Injuries

It Usually Isn’t the Rider’s Fault

More than 90 percent of motorcycle accidents involve other vehicles, and in many cases it’s a driver who wasn’t paying attention causing the accident. An accident involving a motorcycle is twice as likely to result in a severe injury, and we’ve helped many victims of motorcycle accidents secure compensation for lifelong injuries such as head trauma, neck injuries, spinal cord injuries, severe road rash and scarring, fractured limbs and paralysis.

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Time is a Factor.

In an motorcycle accident case, the other parties involved, especially the insurance companies, are going to be working as quickly as they can to limit their exposure to damages. The sooner you get a proficient attorney on your case, the better your odds will be of securing the maximum compensation available. Our attorneys know exactly where to start their investigations, what evidence to procure, and how to get the job done.

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