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Years of Experience.

Having gotten our start in South Florida, DueJustice.com has dedicated years to defending the rights of victims injured in watercraft accidents. We are intimately familiar with how to prove the negligence of offending parties in these cases, whether it is due to impaired operation of a vessel, or failure to properly maintain a watercraft. Recovering compensation for your serious injuries is our goal.

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Time is a Factor.

In an boating accident case, the other parties involved, especially insurance companies, are going to be working as quickly as they can to limit their exposure to damages. The sooner you get a proficient attorney on your case, the better your odds will be of securing the maximum compensation available. Our consultations are free, and we invite you to speak with us about the details of the accident and a potential case.

Years of Experience in Bicycle Cases.

Since the original DueJustice.com offices were opened in South Florida, we’ve amassed years of experience in bicycle cases. The consistently beautiful weather make them an ideal way to get around in Florida, but the truth is that cyclists face multiple dangers when they hit the road no matter where they are. The law dictates that bicycle riders must not use sidewalks, which means competing for space with motor vehicles. This is obviously a dangerous proposition.

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Bringing Forth a Case.

DueJustice.com is uniquely positioned to pursue claims due to bicycle accidents. We have the resources and experience needed to explore every possible avenue of recovery. Considering the nature of most serious bicycle accidents, we are very well-versed in the responsibilities motor vehicle drivers have towards bicycle riders. Our team will fully investigate your accident and ensure that any responsible parties are held accountable.

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