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Protecting Your Rights.

In the event of personal injuries caused by an accident, the responsible parties won’t be wasting any time in preparing themselves for potential litigation. Especially insurance companies. Your most important move is getting proper representation as quickly as possible. Your lawyer needs to be your voice, your staunch advocate, and someone you can trust. If you think you might need a lawyer, contact us. We’ll gladly give your case a complementary review.

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Trial Tested, and Built to Win Cases.

We are a team of aggressive and ambitious attorneys, with a track record that many firms would be envious of. From the moment we take your case, we’re preparing for trial. In fact, attorneys turn to us when their clients’ cases get too complicated. You have to be able to try cases to verdict when insurance settlement offers are unreasonable. It has been estimated that less than one percent of lawyers nationwide have ever tried a jury case to verdict. Not us.

Our Personal Injury Lawyers Handle Cases Involving:

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