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Dog bites and other animal attacks are physically and emotionally traumatic for the victims. Being chased and bitten by any type of animal is a terrifying ordeal, especially for children. In addition to recovering from their physical injuries, victims may need counseling to overcome fear or post-traumatic stress disorder from the attack.

The Consequences of Animal Attacks Can Be Severe

Bites can cause dangerous and disfiguring injuries. Dog attack victims, especially small children, often suffer facial scarring that requires cosmetic surgery. Dog and other animal bites can be extremely dangerous because they are at increased risk for developing infections.

Dogs that are very large or that were bred to guard or fight can crush or break bones with their jaws. They may even dismember the victim. An attack to the head or neck can result in wrongful death if the skull is crushed or penetrated or if the carotid artery is severed.

People may also suffer injury while trying to get away from a dog or other animal. Running away from an animal may result in slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accidents causing broken bones or head injuries.

We will fight for compensation for medical bills and other losses resulting from:

  • Bite wounds
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Eye injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Amputations
  • Head and brain injuries
  • Emotional trauma

Dog Bite Statistics

Dog bite statistics show that once a dog has bitten, the dog is more likely to bite again. Statistics on dog bites also show that 60% of all dog bite victims are children and that the dog bites they suffer usually occur close to home. While dog bite fatalities are rare, statistics show that 15 to 20 people are killed in vicious fatal dog attacks every year.

Dangerous Dog Breeds

Though all dogs are a product of their training and upbringing, the following breeds are some of the most likely to be trained improperly, and statistically the most likely to attack a person:

  • Pit Bulls
  • Rotweillers
  • Doberman Pinschers
  • Huskies
  • German Shepherds
  • Chows

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