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Handling Repairs Properly.

Damage can occur over time or as a result of water damage, hurricanes or other extreme weather, lightning, or even vandalism. Due to the numerous building and zoning codes surrounding the roof on your home or business, it is extremely important to make sure that any damages to your roof are repaired properly. If the damage is not properly repaired, it is possible that future damage to your roof would not be covered under your insurance policy.

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Handling Your Claim, Start to Finish.

Because a public adjuster is not an attorney, they are unable to go to court on behalf of a homeowner or business owner. Insurance companies know that and will often use it to their advantage. If an attorney is hired in a case after a client has signed with a public adjuster, it can result in double fees. We have public adjusters that work through us without an additional contingency fee, and we can handle every part of your claims process, from start to finish.

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