Handling Your Insurance Claim From Start to Finish.

Is My Insurance Company Kidding?!

We’ve seen it countless times. A policyholder in good standing has damage to their home or business, and they think “Nothing to worry about, my insurance company will take care of this.” That is, until they get a response on their claim which aims to seriously underpay or outright deny the claim. We have gone toe to toe with insurance companies on behalf of countless clients, and we’re more than proud of our results. You will be too.

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Lawyers for an Insurance Claim?

We have a level of power and authority that the average person, or public adjuster just doesn’t have. Any negotiation is about leverage, and when you have a firm full of experienced insurance claims attorneys on your side, insurance companies are a lot more likely to “play ball”. We handle every part of the claims process, and even from the earliest stages of a claim, our influence on the proceedings isn’t hard to perceive.

Our Insurance Claims Lawyers Handle Cases Involving:

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