Bisphenol A is a chemical compound most often used in the production of plastic products, and has been a common commercially used product since 1957. Over 8 billion pounds of BPA are utilized in manufacturing on a yearly basis. While BPA has generally been considered to be safe for most of the time it has been in use, in recent years there has been some evidence that it can lead to problems for small children when ingested

With the help of a proficient product liability law firm, you may be able to recover compensation for injuries sustained from BPA, if it can be shown that it had health effects on your children, and you should absolutely consider speaking with an attorney.

Effects of BPA Exposure

The speculated effects of BPA exposure and toxicity involve disruption of the endocrine system, which regulates metabolic processes. The issue with exposure is that BPA “bioaccumulates”, which means that it builds up in the human body over time. This can potentially manifest in:

  • Metabolic Disease
  • Thyroid Problems
  • Neurological Problems in Children
  • Increased Risk of Cancer

BPA Lawsuits

It may be possible that producers of plastic containers with BPA such as baby bottles, sport bottles and the like could be held liable for health issues stemming from BPA exposure. The main argument is that the manufacturers of these products knew or should have known that BPA posed health problems, but chose to market and promote the products anyway without providing disclosures to the public.

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