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Giving Cigarettes to Kids?

BDK has Massachusetts Lawyers for Tobacco Litigation. For a while, this was common in the Boston area. Sample packs were handed out on street corners, in shops, in parks and elsewhere. All with the intent of creating “lifelong customers”. Obviously this had led to countless people with significant health issues that can be traced all the way back to these practices. We fight tobacco companies on behalf of these people, and if you are one yourself, you should give us a call.

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Evans v. Lorillard Tobacco.

Thanks to this landmark case, ruled on by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, the law of the state is that any cigarette that addicts or maintains nicotine addiction is considered a defective product. Ms. Evans, who unfortunately died at 54 from lung cancer, was one of many kids given sample packs, and her family recovered 152 Million dollars. If you have a similar case, we can help.

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