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Car and truck manufacturers are supposed to build vehicles that can safely withstand a serious collision, and in the event that one occurs, the seat back should remain stiff and upright. However, it is quite common for the driver as well as the passenger behind them to suffer severe spinal cord injuries due to a failure of the seat back to remain upright.

With the help of a proficient product liability law firm, you may be able to recover significant compensation for injuries sustained in this way, and you should absolutely consider speaking with an attorney

What is a Seat Back Failure or Seat Back Collapse?

Many car and truck manufacturers choose to go with the cheapest possible materials for the more inexpensive models of cars and trucks they sell. Seat back failures can happen under many different circumstances. Most of the time seat back failures occur because the person’s weight against the seat back causes the seat to collapse under stress during a collision, and it lead to fatal injuries.

Common examples of seat back failure include when:

  • In a serious rear-end collision, passengers are thrust forward violently and their seat belts and airbags bring them back against the seat with great force. If the seat back falls forward with them, the passenger may wind up being propelled into the windshield
  • Passengers are pinned down by their seat back after a collision
  • The driver loses control of the vehicle because they can’t sit up properly while the vehicle is moving
  • Backseat passengers are forced forward in a collision and due to their seat back collapsing, there is nothing to stop them from hitting  the front seat back, which can injure both them and those in the seats in front of them
  • A faulty head rest fails to support a passengers neck in an accident

Serious Injury Due to a Seat Back Collapse

  • Neck and spinal cord injuries which can result in full or partial paralysis
  • Brain damage or brain injury from a seat back failure accident
  • Broken bones from a seat back failure accident
  • Internal bleeding suffered from a body trauma during a collision
  • Death from any number of these injuries can occur when there is a seat back failure accident

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