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Airbag Injury Lawyer

An airbag is designed to protect, not harm you. Nevertheless, each year in the United States, airbag faults and defective airbags that fail to deploy are the cause of serious airbag injuries, permanent blindness and wrongful death.

At Bernheim Dolinsky Kelley, we take issue with vehicle manufacturers who produce dangerous and defective products. We believe that safety features should be thoroughly tested and evaluated before being offered to the consumer.

If you or a family member has been injured in an accident involving airbag faults, you may have many questions about filing a product liability claim.

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Airbag Faults – Deployment Problems

Since their introduction as safety measures, airbags have been recorded as the cause of a number of very serious accidents. These can happen when an airbag:

  • Inadvertently deploys when a vehicle hits a pothole, bump or for no discernible reason.
  • Deploys because of a chafing condition in the steering wheel wiring of radio/tape controls. This has been a particular problem for drivers of GM vehicles when changing the settings.
  • Explodes while deploying.

Airbag Faults – Failing to Deploy

Sometimes airbag injuries are due to the simple fact that the airbag failed to deploy. This can occur in:

  • An initial auto crash, due to a defect in the airbag or the manufacturing process.
  • A subsequent crash, if an airbag has been improperly replaced or installed by a collision repair shop.

Common Airbag Injuries

Injuries due to airbag faults usually occur when the airbag is being deployed. Because airbags are often released at high speed, a poorly designed airbag can cause serious airbag injuries when a victim:

  • Comes in direct contact with the deploying airbag while the airbag is still in a ball.
  • Is improperly seated (such as child sitting in the front seat), because the manufacturer has not provided adequate guidelines and warnings.
  • Is hit by particles that are projected into the air when the airbag deploys.
  • Is severely burned by the chemical propellants used to generate gas to fill the airbag.

Due to the angle of airbag release, severe eye injuries are common in airbag accidents.

In addition, airbag accident victims have been admitted to hospital with facial abrasions, broken jaws, broken necks and chemical burns. Airbags have also been the cause of a number of deaths.

Compensation for Airbag Injury Claims

When testing an airbag for safety, an auto manufacturer should be using crash dummies with “eye ball models”. This allows them to see if they have designed the shape correctly, if they are deploying their airbag at the proper angle and if there are further measures they can take to prevent an airbag injury.

Unfortunately, not all auto manufacturers take the time to test their products adequately. Regardless of whether they consciously knew about an airbag defect, manufacturers may still be responsible for paying compensation to airbag accident victims if they were remiss in their duty.

Contact an Airbag Injury Lawyer for a Free Case Evaluation

At Bernheim Dolinsky Kelley, our experienced defective product lawyers will help you decide whether you can file a product liability claim against an auto manufacturer or a collision shop for an airbag accident. Our law firm has a team of experienced product liability lawyers around the country who are equipped to handle complex cases both large and small.

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