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15-Passenger Van Accident Lawyer

One of the most defective and dangerous vehicles on the road in terms of rollover is the 15-passenger van. 15-Passenger vans are commonly used by schools, day care centers, hotels, churches and various other shuttle services to transport American families.

15-Passenger vans are so defective and dangerous that many shuttle providers no longer use 15-passenger vans due to rollover concerns.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a 15-passenger van accident, you may be eligible for compensation for your injuries and suffering. A 15-passenger van rollover attorney from Bernheim Dolinsky Kelley can explain the steps you should take towards filing a claim.

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What is a 15-Passenger Van?

15-passenger vans look like any other van, except the van’s body has been modified by adding extra length to accommodate more passengers. There are approximately 500,000 15 passenger vans on the road daily. These 15-passenger vans transport millions of passengers every day, who are unaware of the dangerous potential for the 15-passenger vans to roll over.

15-Passenger Van Design Defects

The defective design of 15-passenger vans is the weight and balance of the passenger van. On most 15-passenger vans, the manufacturers have used the same wheel base as a normal passenger van.

However, on the 15-passenger van model, the back end of the van has been extended to facilitate more passengers. That means when a 15-passenger van is fully loaded, there’s a seat with four passengers behind the rear axle of the van.

  • These extra passengers make the back end of the van too heavy, so that when there’s a sudden swerve, the rear end swings out and “fish tails.”
  • Since 15-passenger vans also tend to be top heavy due to a high center of gravity, the more people on board, the more top heavy a 15-passenger van becomes.

This combination of rear end weight and high center of gravity in 15-passenger vans is a recipe for disaster and a direct result of a defective design by the manufacturer

15-Passenger Van Manufacturers

Ford manufactures the most 15-passenger vans in the Country, but all American car makers build a version of the 15-passenger van. Dodge builds the second most 15-passenger vans, followed by General Motors (GM).

GM has just five percent of the 15-passenger van market, and an even smaller fraction of 15-passenger van fatal rollovers. The GM 15-passenger van is a different design which is less defective than other 15-passenger vans. The wheel base of GM’s 15-passenger vans is longer, which lowers the chance the van will skid sideways. However, when a 15-passenger van is loaded with passengers, the GM is still top heavy much like the Ford and Dodge and susceptible to rollovers.

Ford calls its van the E-350. It started building them about 25 years ago. And according to a former Ford engineer, there was reason to question the van’s stability from the start.

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