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One of the Most Dangerous Vehicles on the Road.

15-Passenger vans are commonly used by schools, day care centers, hotels, churches and various other shuttle services to transport American families. They are so defective and dangerous that many shuttle providers no longer use them due to concerns of rollovers and other van accidents. There are approximately 500,000 15 passenger vans on the road daily. 

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What Makes Them Defective?

On most 15-passenger vans, the manufacturers have used the same wheelbase as a normal passenger van. However, the back end of the van has been extended to facilitate more passengers. That means when a 15-passenger van is fully loaded, there’s a seat with four passengers behind the rear axle of the van. These extra passengers make the back end of the van too heavy, so that when there’s a sudden swerve, the rear end swings out and “fish tails.”

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