Legal Help for Defective Smith and Nephew Hips.

The R3 SMF and Birmingham Resurfacing.

There have been a few Smith and Nephew products and procedures that have led to issues for patients. The R3 Acetabular System implant showed a number of issues during clinical trials, including metallosis, while the SMF implant was voluntarily recalled due to higher than average revision surgeries, and metallosis. Smith and Nephew’s Birmingham Hip Resurfacing also suffers from some common metal on metal hip issues.

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Is My Replacement Hip Defective?

If you have had to have follow up procedures to deal with a hip implant not functioning as designed, or have consistent pain, inflammation, or popping noises, it’s worth taking the time to talk to a legal professional. After years of helping individuals with defective hips get compensation for their troubles, we have significant expertise that we can put to work for you. Our lawyers can help you in the right direction.

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