Organ Injury Lawsuits from Magnetic Balls.

The Buckyball Problem.

The magnetic balls that are sold as adult desk toys under the names of Buckyballs, Zen Balls, and NeoCube, among others, have been shown to cause serious damage when swallowed by children. If a child you love has suffered blockage, organ perforation, or other injuries after swallowing these small magnetic balls, you may be entitled to pursue compensation in a dangerous products lawsuit.

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The Alarming Numbers.

Researchers found that 80 percent of victims required either endoscopy or surgery, and that several needed to have portions of their bowels removed, which can cause a lifetime of complications. The magnets are particularly dangerous when two or more are swallowed, because they attract to each other and may cause tissue damage or even organ perforation. More than fifty percent of the cases involved children under the age of six, while roughly 16 percent involved teens.

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