Lawyers for CFL Mercury Poisoning & Burns.

Mercury in Light Bulbs?

BDK’s lawyers handle CFL Mercury Poisoning & Burns, and other light bulb injuriesWhen broken, CFL light bulbs can leak mercury, either in the form of a gas or a liquid. Mercury poisoning can cause a number of serious health concerns. Consumers are often not aware that these “green” light bulbs contain mercury, but our injury lawyers are familiar with a number of cases where people were severely injured from it entering cuts made by glass shards of a broken bulb. This is grounds for a product liability lawsuit.

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Burns and Cuts.

A common fact pattern for serious injuries from light bulbs is that one burns out, and the person attempts to replace it before it cools to the touch. This leads to a severe burn from the bulb, which is then dropped and broken. The shards of the bulb produce cuts, which can either allow in the aforementioned mercury, or lead to infections. Any one of these injuries are something that you should speak to a product liability attorney about.

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