Legal Help for Injuries from Defective Products.

Product Defects and Recalls.

Defective consumer products are a breach of public trust, and a serious injury risk. There is an expectation that any product offered for sale to consumers is free from defects that may cause them harm, and when that harm does manifest in serious injuries, those consumers are entitled to compensation. If you need serious representation, you’re in the right place. We have fought some of the biggest companies in the United States, and won.

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Injury Lawsuits for Dangerous Products.

The main consideration in a case like this is liability. Who is at fault for the injuries? In many cases, it’s the manufacturer. Often times there is a potential risk of harm that is known, should have been known before selling the product, or that the user should have been made aware of. The manufacturer is on the hook for that. If any party involved in the production and sale of that product can be shown to be negligent, then we can fight to get you the due justice you deserve.

Our Defective Consumer Products Lawyers Handle Cases Involving:

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