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Lamictal Stevens Johnson Syndrome Attorneys

Just like Dilantin, Lamictal is a pharmaceutical drug that is used to control seizures. Specifically, Lamictal is the marketing name for Lamotrigine, which is prescribed in patients as young as two years old for seizures and epilepsy. Additionally, it can be prescribed to adults to help manage bipolar disorder or epileptic seizures as well.

Lamictal may be linked to serious long term side effects including Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS). This potentially life threatening side effect of the seizure medication, Lamictal, can develop at any time during treatment, sometimes years after prescriptions begin, particularly in adults taking the medicine for bipolar disorder. If you took Lamictal and suffered SJS, our Stephens Johnson Syndrome attorneys may be able to recover you and your family substantial compensation by filing a Lamictal Stephens Johnson Syndrome lawsuit against the manufacturer of the medication.

Our experienced dangerous drug attorneys are holding the drug’s manufacturer accountable by filing Lamictal lawsuits on behalf of Lamictal users who have suffered from Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS) or Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis (TEN). We represent every Lamictal lawsuit client on a contingent fee basis, meaning there are absolutely no legal fees or costs unless you recover money.

Lamictal Side Effects and Stevens Johnson Syndrome

Side effects of Lamictal are numerous, and must be seriously considered. Even the more minor ones can frequently pose a risk to patients, and the more serious ones like Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS) or Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis (TEN) can lead to serious medical conditions that can result in death.

Some of the most important Lamictal side effects to focus on are vaginal irritation and flu-like symptoms. These are hallmarks of the potentially lethal condition called Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS). Numerous seizure drugs have been linked to this condition, which has caused a number of deaths in recent years. Stephens Johnson Syndrome begins with a number of painful symptoms, typically dismissed as something related to the flu. This leads to discomfort and exhaustion, and is eventually followed by a severe skin rash and joint pains.

Gradually, the joint pains progress beyond those associated with a simple flu or with other Lamictal seizure medication side effects. The pain grows ever more intense, leading to a stiffening of the joints that can be impossible to overcome.

Lamictal Stevens Johnson Syndrome Symptoms

  • Red or purplish rash that spreads
  • Painful skin
  • Painful blisters of the mucus membranes
  • Blisters on the eyes, nose, mouth, and genitals
  • Sloughing off of skin in patches
  • Joint and muscle pains
  • Burning sensation all over your body

Sometimes the sloughing off of skin can happen over as much as 70% of the body, which can prove fatal. Stevens Johnson Syndrome deaths are caused by opportunistic infections – environmental hazards that present themselves and become more dangerous as a result of the skin stripping away.

There is no cure for SJS. This is what makes getting help at the first sign of dangerous symptoms so completely vital, especially if on a medication like Lamictal, which has a known relationship with Stevens Johnson Syndrome.

Drugs such as valproic acid or divalproex may be particularly dangerous when taken in conjunction with Lamictal.

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