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Effexor Birth Defect Lawyers

Recently, the correlation between antidepressants such as Effexor and serious congenital birth defects has become more public.

Studies and scientific evidence have shown that women who take Effexor during pregnancy have an increased risk of giving birth to a child with a serious birth defect such as omphalocele, heart defects, and PPHN, a dangerous pulmonary condition.

The dangerous drug lawyers at our firm are now reviewing cases where Effexor may be linked to birth defects.  If you gave birth to a child with a birth defect after taking this drug while pregnant, you may be entitled to significant compensation in an Effexor lawsuit.

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Effexor and Omphalocele

The abdominal birth defect known as omphalocele has been linked to Effexor and other antidepressants.  An omphalocele birth defect occurs when the infant’s abdominal organs protrude out of the body through the navel.  This happens when the infant’s abdominal muscles fail to properly close during development, and can usually be diagnosed before birth with an ultrasound.  Surgery to correct omphalocele is generally conducted immediately after birth.

Effexor and PPHN

PPHN (persistent pulmonary hypertension in newborns) has been linked to Effexor and other antidepressants in studies published in the New England Journal of Medicine and other reputable publications.  In one study, scientists found that infants whose mothers used Effexor during pregnancy are up to six times more likely to develop this potentially fatal birth defect.  When a baby has PPHN, the blood vessels that lead to the lungs fail to expand properly, limiting blood flow to the lungs and leading to potentially life-threatening problems.

Effexor and Septal Heart Defects

Some of the most serious birth defects caused by Effexor and other antidepressants are atrial and ventricular septal heart defects, or holes in the heart.  Septal defects are holes in the walls that separate the upper and lower chambers of the heart and can cause heart failure, lung damage, delayed growth and other serious problems.  In July 2006, the FDA issued a warning about the risk of septal heart defects in infants born to mothers who used antidepressants during pregnancy, stating that women who use antidepressants during pregnancy are twice as likely to give birth to a child with a serious heart birth defect.

Other Effexor Birth Defects

In addition to the above-mentioned birth defects, Effexor and other antidepressants taken during pregnancy have been linked to the following birth defects:

  • Anal Atresia
  • Aortic Stenosis
  • Autism
  • Clubfoot
  • Coarctation of the Aorta
  • Esophageal Stenosis
  • Gastroschisis – abdominal wall defect
  • Heart Murmur
  • Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS)
  • Hypoplastic Right Heart Syndrome (HRHS)
  • Mitral Valve Prolapse
  • Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA)
  • Pulmonary Atresia (PA)
  • Pulmonary Stenosis
  • Spina Bifida
  • Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF)
  • Transposition of the Great Arteries (TGA)
  • Transposition of the Great Vessels (TGV)
  • Tricuspid Atresia
  • Tricuspid Valve (Ebstein’s Anomaly)
  • Tricuspid Valve Stenosis
  • Truncus Arteriosus

Contact an Effexor Birth Defect Lawyer

A number of families that have been affected by Effexor birth defects have opted to pursue compensation in a dangerous drug lawsuit.  If you took this drug during pregnancy and now your child has a congenital birth defect, you, too, may be entitled to substantial compensation.  Contact our product liability attorneys today for a free legal consultation and discussion of your rights.

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