The Story.

With offices in Florida and Kentucky and the ability to serve clients all over the United States, Dolinsky Law Group is proud to offer high level legal representation. The firm is a shared ambition between our partners that dates back to their university days. A desire to create a modern firm which combines old-school skill, with new-school technology.

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What Stands For.

The firm is always looking for ways to leverage its extensive capabilities to better serve our diverse clientele, and provide the best possible representation in the digital age. We are committed to the expansion of our services and capabilities, while taking even larger steps to ensure the level of care, respect, and attention that clients expect and deserve. is always aiming to be the best choice for those who absolutely need top tier representation.

Do you need legal assistance? Contact Us Now. makes a pledge to anyone who contacts us. You need help, and that’s what we’re here for.

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